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Citigami is a brand new concept of solarpowered greeting card powered by daylight !
It's brand new ecological OPV solarpanel allows Citigami to shine, more than 5 years under daylight or close to a lamp. After Paris, London, New York, and Dubai skylines will be available in few days...



Casagami is a little night-light that runs on sunlight.  A concept designed to be fun and educational, teaching children about sustainability while they play.

Casagami exists in varying shapes and designs to suit all occasions ; the Original model made of Kraft cardboard, the plain and customizeable « Village » line, Houses of France and Houses of the World.

Casagami, veilleuse solaire développement durable


Each Casagami consists of an adhesive « Solarmodule » and a sheet of pre-cut paperboard. The lot is shipped in a flat cardboard envelope.

The dimensions of an assembled Casagami are 80 x 90 x 65 mm (may vary depending on the model). Building it only takes a couple of minutes and doesn't require any glue.

Place your Casagami on the window sill during the day to charge and light it up when it is time to go to bed!

A day's charge in the sunlight will give you 5 hours of light.

Social and economical impact.





Autogami is a little car that runs on sun ! Just place it on the windowsill or in the sun to recharge the battery!

A days charge allows the car to run 25 minutes, but kids can also play with it directly under the sunlight!

Max speed : 2 Km/h


In each sleeve you will find a pre-cut sheet of paperboard, wheel fixations and a « Powerbase ».

The Powerbase is composed of a polycrystal solar panel, a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and a system of gears.

  • dimensions : 94 x 39 x 53 mm
  • Launched in 2015

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Our sustainability commitments.

In our day and age, it is hard to imagine designing an object without first working out it’s ecological and social impact. Through the Casagami project we wanted to state our commitment to a solidary and responsible society. Our goal is to raise awareness concerning these issues of sustainability, especially in children but also in their parents.

Our products are made in France. They are produced in Annonay near Agen and in the suburbs of Paris.

Litogami employs people with special needs for conditioning and expedition of our products. We work with institutions for handicapped persons near Agen and Paris.

Our products are shipped in a flat format (an A5 sized cardboard envelope) for a reduced carbon footprint.

They run on solar energy and are made with recycled or PEFC paper.

Our inks are green (certified non toxic and responsibly managed waste).

We are commited to helping associations that work with children, in France and internationally by reduced prices and even donations of our products.