AUTOGAMI Police car

  • warranty : 1 year
  • weight : 90 g
  • dimensions (packaging) : 162 x 229 x 20 mm
  • dimensions (mounted) : 94 x 39 x 53 mm

AUTOGAMI Police car - 15.90 € TTC

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Among the police cars that have become mythical are the black and white cars of the Parisian police force. Their two colours have earned them the name "Magpie" ("Pie" in french) in reference to the plumage of the bird of the same name. This car was exported in the USA !

Autogami is the DIY solar powered car.
Build it, charge it and play!

Forget those wretched Hand spinners!

Each box includes: a pre-cut sheet of cardboard. 4 wheels and wheel fixing + our exclusive « Powerbase».

« Powerbase » content : a solar panel, an electric motor, a rechargeable battery, gear box, and an ON/OFF switch.


Put Autogami on the window–sill at daytime to charge.

Switch it on and watch it run.
One day's charge in sunlight = 25 mn running time.

Max speed: 2 Km/H


Our products recycled paper and cardboard.

They are powered by the sun, so no more batteries!

Low weight and small volume so as to minimize carbon footprint.

We employ handicapped persons for packaging and expedition of our products.