Autogami - Renault 4L White

  • warranty : 1 year
  • weight : 90 g
  • dimensions (packaging) : 162 x 229 x 20 mm
  • dimensions (mounted) : 94 x 39 x 53 mm

Autogami - Renault 4L White - 15.90 € TTC


Autogami is a little car that runs on sun ! Just place it on the windowsill or in the sun to recharge the battery!

AUTOGAMI 4L RENAULT represents an iconic French car builded from 60's to 80's in many copies.

Some specs :
A days charge allows the car to run 25 minutes, but kids can also play with it directly under the sunlight!
Max speed : 2 Km/h

In each sleeve you will find a pre-cut sheet of paperboard, wheel fixations and a « Powerbase ».
The Powerbase is composed of a polycrystal solar panel, a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and a system of gears.
dimensions : 94 x 39 x 53 mm