Casagami Thomas Canto

Casagami Thomas Canto Face
  • Casagami Thomas Canto Face
  • Casagami Thomas Canto
  • Thomas Canto
  • warranty : 1 yr
  • weight : 55g
  • dimensions (packaging) : 162 x 229 x 10 mm
  • dimensions (mounted) : 85 x 65 x 75 mm
  • EAN : 3760205150630
  • Contains: A precut, printed sheet of cardboard. Our patented adhesive "Solar Module", made up of a mini solar panel, an orange LED, a switch and a Lithium-Ion battery.

Casagami Thomas Canto - 9.90 € TTC

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My work talks about architecture, specifically about the interaction between the city and it’s inhabitants.

I was immediately enthusiastic about the Casagami project because it touches on the environmental issues that we face, as well as the relationship between the urban space, renewable energies, and the need to reclaim the cities that we live in.

Thomas Canto

Casagami is a sustainably developped solarlight; a small, fun oriented object, both decorative and educational. Casagami is made of cardboard. Easy to build and decorate, Casagami is designed for children and adults alike. The "solar-led module" enables one to experiment with solar energy and to light the little house.

Casagami is a great way to introduce children to sustainability and alternative energies.