CITIGAMI Christmas tree

  • warranty : 5 years
  • weight : 95 g
  • dimensions (packaging) : 162 x 229 mm
  • dimensions (mounted) : 205 x 145 x 20 mm

CITIGAMI Christmas tree - 15.90 € TTC

In stock

Citigami is made of PEFC or FSC (or equivalent) paperboard; it is manufactured by workshops labeled "Imprim'vert". Litogami employs people with disabilities for the management and conditioning of Citigami. Its eco-friendly packaging allows a simple expedition, fast and inexpensive, for a low carbon cost. Lighting is provided by 18 LEDs, energy saving and durable in time.

New ! Citigami is powered by ASCA photovoltaic film: This organic photovoltaic film developed and manufactured by the Armor Group in France is revolutionizing the world of solar energy: it is recyclable, low carbon process, and does not contain silicon or toxic components.

Citigami is made with :

- A cardboard frame (550 g / m2) which carries 18 LEDs on the front side and the ASCA film on the back.

- An interchangeable micro perforated decoration fixed on the front face (delivered with the frame)

Dimensions: 205 x 145 x 20 mm / decoration: 110 x 170 mm

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