Corrosol Myriam Maxo

Casagami Myriam Maxo Face
  • Casagami Myriam Maxo Face
  • Casagami Myriam Maxo Dos
  • Myriam Maxo
  • warranty : 1 yr
  • weight : 55g
  • dimensions (packaging) : 162 x229 x 10 mm
  • dimensions (mounted) : 85 x 65 x 75 mm
  • EAN : 3760205150661
  • Contains: A precut, printed sheet of cardboard. Our patented adhesive "Solar Module", made up of a mini solar panel, an orange LED, a switch and a Lithium-Ion battery.

Corrosol - 9.90 € TTC

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Through my work I wish to reunite and fuse cultures in order to respond to an emerging market; that of “Ethnic diversity”. I link them together by the use of symbols, colours, geometric, graphic and urban shapes.   The products I design are extensions of my world vision; A world of blending cultures.

Myriam Maxo

Casagami is a sustainably developped solarlight; a small, fun oriented object, both decorative and educational. Casagami is made of cardboard. Easy to build and decorate, Casagami is designed for children and adults alike. The "solar-led module" enables one to experiment with solar energy and to light the little house.

Casagami is a great way to introduce children to sustainability and alternative energies.